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Highland Lynx Queen Sia

About the Owner

I've grown up with cats. Since I can recall, I've always had a cat companion. Bringing home a new cat or kitten brought so much excitement to me as a kid, and I'm not talking buying or adopting... there has been many occasions of taking in a stray cat. As I grew, cats would come and go but each of them had a distinct personality and took a little piece of my heart. Fast forward to today- two cats, two dogs, two goats, two ducks, a fuzzy husband, a one year old daughter later; I've built quite the animal abode, starting with a foundation of cats!  I'm a cat lover at heart and an animal lover by nature. Taking care of animals is therapeutic to me and so fun plus I now get to include my daughter in all of the fun and cuteness, too!

How did I come across the Highland Lynx cat breed you ask? It came from a 'low-point' of my life when I had to put down my 'first' cat suddenly. Shortly after, I took in a stray outdoor cat whom loved to be outdoors naturally but within the year after taking her in, she disappeared. The 'unknown' of what happened was just not something I wanted to endure again so my husband and I began looking into other kitty options which ultimately led to learning about different purebred exotic cats, including a Highland Lynx. And, after doing thorough research to determine if this was the breed for us, we ultimately decided to pull the trigger. 



































My husband will not let me be a crazy cat lady, because, all know I probably would be if it weren't for him, so we settled on the opportunity to grow the Highland Lynx cat breed which means I get all the fun with kittens; but, at the end of 8 weeks they get to go home to amazing families, like yours, that happen to be cat lovers like myself.

Love Lynx is a small cattery + kitty boutique devoted to changing families' lives by adding a colorful 'kitten'-ality into the mix, completing your home with a silly little, purring companion. We're located in New England- the southern New Hampshire area, but don't worry, should you choose Love Lynx, we can transport your kitty safely throughout the U.S.

My family will offer a very personal experience and help you to choose your next fur-baby! We care very much about where our kittens are going but we also care about being a support for any questions post-adoption, related to care, preventative shots, food, health maintenance and more! 

We are a Rare Exotic Feline Registry (REFR) registered cattery #720 as of 8/6/2020. For more information, click to learn more About the Breed

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The start of something new

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I'm a cat lover at heart and an animal lover by nature. Taking care of animals is therapeutic to me and so fun.

Ashley, Owner

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